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    Why should I invest in Fusion partnerships?

    Thank you for asking!   It is important for you the investor, and we can provide a number of excellent reasons.

    All oil & gas companies will tell you “how great” they are.  But they are missing the point!  You want to know why you should invest your hard-earned money with them.  And that is what we will focus on here!  Let’s start with some numbers:

    • When you invest with us, the probability is very high we will strike oil.  Most everyone claims great drilling results.  Maybe so.  In our case we can verify our outstanding track record.
    • We put our own money into our projects, so when you invest with us our interests are completely aligned with yours.  The more you earn, the more we earn.
    • Why is our success rate the best?  Because our geologists have the historical drilling logs “left behind” by the major oil companies when they decided to move on.  This priceless information, combined with today’s technology is why our success rate is “best in class”.
    • So where do we find oil?  We drill domestically in those areas we know have proven undeveloped reserves.  The major oil companies moved on because their “high cost business model” no longer fit, even though the wells are still producing.
    • So why does Fusion make money? Because we run our programs and operations effectively, so whether oil prices are high or low, we are still profitable.  And today’s technology is well suited to independents like Fusion!

    Now let’s take a look at the ethical side, because you only want to partner with a company that operates according to the highest standards:

    • Our ethical standards set us apart from many other oil & gas companies.  We are among the leaders pushing for higher levels of transparency and honesty.
    • Many companies mark up their projects in excess of 200 percent and offer them through promoters or brokers.  Not so with Fusion.  We offer our projects directly to you, and our mark-up simply covers the administrative costs of doing business.
    • Fusion’s accounting and legal considerations follow the strictest guidelines.  That is why you can write off up to 100 percent of your investment for tax purposes.   Combine this with the tax-free status of 15 percent of your partnership income, and you will really save at tax time.

    So as you can see, there are many outstanding reasons why Fusion Resources should be your oil & gas company of choice.

    And finally, we know that you want to do business with people you respect and trust.   Please take a look at CEO Justin D. Brown’s description posted in the “About Fusion” tab.  His experience, expertise and ethics are first-rate.  And they are shared with his entire Management Team.

    So “at the end of the day”, we believe you will agree Fusion Resources is your best choice for oil & gas partnerships.  We are ready to discuss further whenever you are!

    You can use the Contact section below, or call (210) 245-8111 and ask for one of our sales representatives.

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